Friday, November 21, 2008

Not a Baby Anymore

It's been a while since we've had a babysitter over. It's been at least 3-1/2 months, you know, before MK was born. But things changed this week, and I've had a babysitter for my kids twice this last week. First was last Saturday when R and I went to a Salt Lake Real Soccer game. It was fun--I'll post more on that later. Second was just last night when I needed to go into work for a training and get all set up for today's big return. Well, C and S love having babysitters--someone who plays and plays and indulges them in their crazy imaginations. When I told C that we were having a babysitter last Saturday, he was ecstatic--spastic is more like it. When I told him he'd have another babysitter last night, he smiled and cheered. However, not 5 minutes later, C came to me and thoughtfully asked "Is it okay if we call our babysitter a kidsitter? Because I'm not a baby anymore." So, we no longer hire babysitters--Just kidsitters.

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Marie said...

I swear C is out to change the English language. First "compiano" and now "kidsitter." I also believe that he came out of the womb speaking in full sentences!

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