Tuesday, September 23, 2008

That's What She Said

One of the best pieces of advice I got when I had our 2nd child was from a friend in our ward in Lehi. She said to occasionally tell the baby "no." This way, the older child isn't always being told "no" and the older child can see what great things he can do because he's bigger. For example, you can say "No Baby, you can't have chicken. You're too little." Or, "No Baby, only big kids can watch TV." This little piece of advice worked wonders on C, who had only turned 2 just days before S was born. It showed him all the cool things he could do because he was a big boy. Well, we are continuing with this with telling MK "no" for whatever things we think of. This has been especially helpful with S's potty training.

Because I started telling MK "no" for things like food, toys, playing at playground, playing with friends, etc., the boys picked up on this and started to tell her "no" as well. But, they took this a bit farther. They have started to pretend to be MK and talk in a high pitched voice for her. Everyday, they are entertaining us with funny things that MK is supposedly asking for or saying. They laugh at themselves and then will turn to me or R and say "That's what she said."

I wonder if this is what Micheal at "The Office" has been trying to say...
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