Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Under Construction: New Blog Template

It was beyond time to update my blog. I love the look....but it's messed up a lot of my pictures. So, I'll be spending time trying to get them all fixed. If you happen upon an extremely warped picture, I'm sorry. I'm working on getting them all pretty again.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Lots & Lots of Flower Petal Pillows

So, this project quickly spiraled out of control.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillows

A few days before I was to drive to my mother-in-law's house for Christmas, I had a stroke of genius! I was going to make her a flower petal pillow. I had posted on my personal Facebook account a picture of the pillow I made, and my MIL had jokingly made the comment of wanting one in peach.

So, 48 hours before travel day I am running around town trying to find peach felt. It can't be found! I panic and buy red felt and fabric to match. As a last ditch effort, I try a local hobby store. They have peach felt--but it's the cheap felt sheets. I buy some hoping that it won't look cheap. But now, the peach doesn't match the fabric I bought. So I head back to the fabric store to buy new matching fabric.

BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Flower Petal Pillow in Peach
The Pillow that started it ALL

But now I have enough to make 2 pillow!

"No Problem!" I told myself. "I'll just use the extra to make one for my sister-in-law who will be at Christmas with us." But there was a problem, because there were going to be two of my SILs there. So, back to the store I went to buy even MORE fabric and felt.

Because this was all 48 hours before I had to leave, and I still needed to work and pack, I only finished the pillow for my MIL.

"No Problem!" I told myself once again. But then I realized if I was going to make pillows for 2 of my SILs, I needed to include the other two SILs.....and my husband's step-mother.


One of the first ones I made. 

Quickly followed by this one:

It was at this point I realized I needed to go make more, so then made this one:

 And this one:

And this one:

But I liked this one so much, and it matched my living rooms so well I wanted to keep it. That meant I had to go back to the store, buy more fabrics, and make just one more.

Right now, my SILs are duking it out on Facebook about who gets which pillow. I am surprised on which ones are going first.

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